We are a married couple, parents of two wonderful children, with whom we discover the world, we draw on the gifts of nature, we give each other love and an infinite amount of positive energy. At the beginning of March 2018, we returned from over 11 years of emigration, which allowed us to see the importance of roots, tradition and cultural identity. We settled in the Jizera Mountains in an old post-German forge, which has not been treated too kindly since World War II. We would like to restore the former splendor of this place, reconstructing the classical architecture of the Lusatian half-timbered house and make it pulsate with local life.

Our property includes a garden of 35 ares, where we intend to grow organic vegetables and fruits based on permaculture principles.

We slow down everyday life, listen to the singing of birds, cook tasty and healthy dishes, brew herbal infusions and the most delicious coffee in Jizera Mountains, read tons of books, photograph and fulfill our dream of running an open house. Welcome!

Our house – 1906